Self-assessment for prospective students

The project

The Digital Teaching and Learning Service Unit (formerly the Teaching Support Centre) has been implementing the development and running of self assessments for prospective students since 2010, in close collaboration with the respective faculties. There is now a course for almost every field of study (at bachelor level).

As part of an HRSM-funded project, the offer has been extended and enhanced in cooperation with TU Austria partners, TU Graz and the University of Leoben.

Self-assessments for prospective students (SAT) serve as an additional tool for information about courses and can also help to guide students when selecting and deciding upon their field of study at TU Wien.


What does self-assessment offer prospective students?

  • Online self-assessment tool available anywhere, at any time
  • Free
  • Comparison with an individual's expectations of study, interests and skills (e.g. spatial perception, logical thinking) that are advantageous for the respective course
  • Personalised feedback with notes on expectations and tips


The completion of self-assessment tests is voluntary. In some courses, completion of self-assessment is part of the enrolment procedure and therefore mandatory.  However, a record is only kept of completion; test results do not need to be submitted.

We wish you every success in choosing your course!

The self-assessments for prospective students at TU Wien can be found here:, opens an external URL in a new window


Self Assessment Example

Preparatory courses and procedures for the Programme-PRe-Phase

With effect from the winter semester 2019/20, TU Wien has been offering a study preparation and reflection phase for all courses, for which there is no admissions procedure. (This phase is known within the University as the "Programme-PRe-Phase"). The Programme-PRe-Phase is intended to help all applicants decide which course to take, as well as prepare for embarking on their selected course of study. The structure and individual elements of the Programme-PRe-Phase are agreed by representatives of the respective course and must be completed prior to admission.

For the "Programme-PRe-Phase", the Teaching and Learning Technologies Service Unit provides a central Moodle platform, which is maintained by the Digital Teaching and Learning Service Unit. For advice on implementation options in the Moodle platform for the Programme-PRe-Phase, please contact Dr. techn. Gergely Rakoczi directly at ( NB: the contents of the following procedure are developed by the faculties; the Digital Teaching and Learning Service Unit supports with the implementation and presentation within the learning platform.

The following range of pre-study courses and/or procedures are supported:

In a subject-specific, interactive Moodle course, initial content from a selected course can be trialled and further information about the course and the faculty can be accessed. Interactive taster courses provide an opportunity for a direct and in-depth insight into how the course is taught, e.g. units on mathematical topics or information videos on the relevant topics within the faculty. This procedure requires full completion of the course, which must be confirmed electronically.

With this type of procedure, applicants work through subject-specific tests or practical examples, which are then used to provide them with information about their level of knowledge in selected subject areas relevant to their chosen course. This procedure also gives applicants the opportunity to assess their level of knowledge for themselves, which has been developed as part of AKMATH (Mathematics alignment course, opens an external URL in a new window) entwickelt wurde. This test provides feedback on an applicant's level of knowledge in mathematics. It is applicable for all courses and can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of individual faculties.

The online survey regarding applicants' intended choice of course poses structured questions on the motivation behind the choice of course to be followed at TU Wien. The survey is completed according to each course, together with additional information or a consultation, for which the result of this survey may serve as a useful basis.

The online survey includes tips and questions about expectations and ideas about the course. Selected data is also requested according to the course (e.g. type of school, alternative applicants) which may serve, albeit anonymously, as the basis for statistical evaluations to analyse the impact of the procedure.


Beispielhafte Screenshots der Verfahren:

Example of an interactive trial course. A green board shows an example from mathematics on the topic of functions.

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Interactive trial course

Example of an interactive trial course

Example of feedback on the level of knowledge of the Programme-PRe-Phase. The correct option must be chosen from four possibilities.

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Feedback on the level of knowledge

Example of feedback on the level of knowledge of the Programme-PRe-Phase.