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Studying at TU Wien - Imparting Competence

We are pleased that you are interested in studying at TU Wien.

Our educational offer is highly recognized both at home and abroad. For us, a university degree means a sound scientific basis on which to build an interest-specific professional specialization. The goal of this scientific education is a deep understanding of the subject area, which enables you to follow a constantly evolving body of knowledge.

Our Degree Programmes

Information for prospective students

A swift and successful study depends on many factors. TU Wien attempts to offer all study beginners a wide range of support measures. These measures are intended to enable the new students from the beginning to network and face challenges as well as to avoid known difficulties.

Take advantage of the offer or become actively part of the support offers (eg mentoring).


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The Equalization Course Mathematics (German: Angleichungskurs Mathematik - AK MATH) repeats the basic chapters of school mathematics for the upcoming study. Absolute recommendation!


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Successful students of higher semesters support study beginners and returnees and accompany them through their first semester at TU Wien.

Barrier-free studying

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TUW barrier-free - the service point for students who have disabilities, are chronically ill or are impaired in another form.


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Studying deaf or hard of hearing at TU Wien? Here you get support!

Team Study Information

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The Team Study Information acts as central first point of contact for all questions on offered study programmes, visits for schools etc.

Vice Rector Academic Affairs

Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Kurt Matyas

Vice Rector Academic Affairs, Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs

Phone: +43 1 58801 406400 Call Kurt Matyas

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Assistent VR Academic Affairs

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Google awards TU Wien

International recognition for the strong engagement of TU Wien in open source software.

A significant share of today's science is driven by computational studies, for which researchers continuously develop new algorithms and improve existing ones. It is considered good practice to not only publish research results in scientific publications, but to also make the developed codes freely available to the public as open source software. Such continuous research efforts have resulted in several open source software projects at the TU Wien.

These projects formed a loose association named 'Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien' and have already taken part successfully in the 'Google Summer of Code' four times.

Google Summer of Code
Google provides funding for students from all over the world within their 'Google Summer of Code' program in order for them to work on open source software projects during their free period in summer. The participating organizations are selected by Google based on applications received at the beginning of the respective year.
Participating organizations include the Linux Kernel, Mozilla (Firefox), and Wikimedia (Wikipedia), but also organizations with a scientific focus such as CERN or the TU Wien.

Award for repeated successful participation
A primary objective of the "Google Summer of Code" is to enable students to work on projects adequate to their education during the free period in summer.

This objective has been achieved with outstanding success at the TU Wien:
Not only is the number of participating students from TU Wien above average, but the participating open source projects from TU Wien have also mentored a total of 40 Students from 16 different countries already.

In appreciation of these achievements, Google awarded a recognition plaque at their annual mentor summit at the Silicon Valley, California, USA, to the TU Wien, represented by Jürgen Weidinger und Karl Rupp.

Web links: Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien: <link http: www.iue.tuwien.ac.at cse index.html>

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Florian Rudolf, Josef Weinbub, Karl Rupp
Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien
Gußhausstraße 27-29/E360, 1040 Vienna
T: +43-1-58801-36054