TU Wien funding for visiting professors and guest lectures

TU Wien supports and finances teaching and lecturing activities by international professors, lecturers and teachers, with the aim of strengthening international networks and improving the quality of teaching and research.

International visiting professors and lecturers enrich and expand the existing range of high quality courses and seminars through their expertise in their subject matter, by participating in guest seminars.

Invitations to visiting professors and lecturers are issued by an institute or by a professor at TU Wien. Your appointment as a guest professor or lecturer will be confirmed in writing directly by TU Wien.

Information regarding entering, staying and working in Austria

Working as a visiting professor represents a form of employment. The contract of employment is offered for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of one year.
Only persons who hold an appropriate authorisation to teach can be appointed as visiting professors. A pre-existing contract of employment or contract for services at another university may be maintained during this period.

A maximum of 8 hours’ teaching per semester is permitted. This means that:
if the appointment is between 1 and 6 months, seminars amounting to at least 2 hours per semester may be held
if the appointment is between 7 and 12 months, seminars amounting to at least 4 hours per semester may be held
Information on tax liability

As a visiting professor, you are subject to Austrian statutory regulations, so your income as visiting professor in Austria is subject to tax (with possible exceptions under the Double Taxation Agreement).

Information on social insurance
Visiting professors are required to be insured by the Public Servants’ Insurance Institution (BVA) and are therefore subject to the special system for officials applicable in Austria.

Visiting lecturers are appointed to give individual lectures or series of lectures. Visiting lecturers are used to add breadth and depth to study courses, to the teaching offered and to focal areas of research.
Visiting lecturers are reimbursed for their travel and accommodation costs.

Nationals of non-EU/EEA states require a valid authorisation for entry and residence.

Stays of up to 6 months
Depending on the duration of your stay, you will require either

a Travel Visa C with entitlement to work (‘Visa C – employment’): for stays amounting in total to 90 days within a 180-day period, during which it is possible to stay anywhere in the Schengen region. The right to work, however, may be exercised only in Austria (even if you are allowed to enter the country without a visa).

OR a Residence Visa D with entitlement to work (‘Visa D – employment’): for stays of between 91 days and a maximum of 6 months in Austria; this entitles you to travel for up to 90 days during the period of validity to other Schengen states. The right to work, however, may be exercised only in Austria.
A personal application for the visa must be made to the Austrian diplomatic mission (embassy, consulate-general) responsible before entering Austria.

Please note:
A visa (Travel Visa C or Residence Visa D) cannot be extended in Austria. The visa must cover the duration of your stay at TU Wien. Please therefore specify precisely the period of your employment.

Stays of more than 6 months
If your stay as a visiting professor or visiting lecturer exceeds 6 months, you will have to apply for a residence permit for ‘special cases of paid employment’.

Please note:
Nationals of certain states (e.g. USA, Japan) may enter Austria without a visa and stay here for a specified period. Working is, however, NOT permitted. You can, however, apply for a ‘residence permit – special cases of paid employment’ during your visa-free stay in Austria.


There is important information on the following pages for finding accommodation in Vienna:

Studio apartments for shorter stays (reasonable prices):

    good transport connections to Karlsplatz (approx. 25 min directly by U2); contact: vbdonau@viennabase.at

Serviced apartments for shorter stays (upscale prices):

Apartments for longer stays (at least 2 months)

  •     Vienna Academic Guesthouse: www.viennaacademicguesthouse.at

If you need a one- to three-room apartment for at least 2 months, we can recommend the "Vienna Academic Guesthouse". For booking as an academic guest of the TU Wien you need a booking code. Please contact Rosmarie Nigg for this.



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