Nostrification at university

Nostrification at a university is the recognition of a foreign university degree as equal with a native bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree and, if necessary, after having passed supplementary examinations. Nostrification is the recognition of the foreign degree’s full equivalence with an Austrian one and the entitlement to hold the native university degree.

Nostrification is reserved for non-EU foreign nationals, provided that no bilateral agreements exist between Austria and the country of origin (for example, between Austria and the successor states of former Yugoslavia). For EU citizens, the EU recognition directives apply.

The prerequisite for nostrification is that the nostrification is mandatory for practising the profession in Austria, i.e. this profession may not be practised in Austria without completing the relevant degree programme (regulated profession).

Completion of a degree programme offered at TU Wien is a prerequisite for the following professions:

  • Civil engineer (consulting engineer or architect): degree programme in Architecture.
    Confirmation from the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers must be submitted.
  • Activity in the public service as a teacher at a general education or vocational secondary school: teacher training programme in Mathematics, Descriptive Geometry, Computer Science and Computer Science Management, Chemistry and Physics (two subjects must always be chosen).
    Confirmation from the municipal or provincial board of education must be submitted.

For both these professional fields, you can apply for nostrification of your foreign university degree at TU Wien. All other university degrees cannot be nostrificated at TU Wien.

The application for nostrification must be submitted to the Admission Office, which handles the entire procedure. You can find the application and the nostrification instructions here. For further information, please contact Mr ADir. Anton Hörmann (tel: +43/1/58801-41061,

The relevant dean of studies will decide on the application for nostrification and the supplementary examinations to be taken. The legal basis for this is § 90 Universities Act 2002 and §§ 24 and 25 TU Wien Statute, Chapter “Study Law”.

The nostrification fee is currently € 150.00.

Appraisal of foreign diplomas

Persons who do not fulfil the prerequisites for nostrification or recognition of a diploma have the possibility of having their foreign diploma appraised. This appraisal is an assessment of the foreign degree programme you have completed regarding to the Austrian degree programme with which it is comparable.

An appraisal is particularly recommended if you are planning to be gainfully employed in Austria (as part of a non-regulated profession), since it provides your future employer with information on the Austrian University degree to which the foreign University degree roughly corresponds. NOTE! The appraisal does not indicate whether the completed study is equivalent to the Austrian study programme.

ENIC NARIC AUSTRIA at the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (bmwfw) is the responsible body. The application must be submitted via, opens an external URL in a new window.

Only the bmwfw, opens an external URL in a new window can provide you with information about the appraisal and how to apply. The Admission Office has no further information about this subject.