GO FAIR, opens an external URL in a new window is a globally operating initiative, which is in principle open to everyone. Under its umbrella, individuals, institutions and organisations come together to coordinate their efforts with regard to a FAIR handling of research objects and thus prevent silo formation and fragmentation of storage places and technical infrastructures. GO FAIR follows a bottom-up approach and allows the integration of all research areas.

Implementation Networks (IN)

The main driving forces of GO FAIR are the so-called Implementation Networks (IN): working groups dedicated to defining and creating specific materials and tools as elements of the Internet of FAIR Data and Services (IFDS). The Implementation Networks are open, integrative, community led and self-governing. They work across disciplines and countries. Individuals, institutions and organisations from all over the world are invited to become involved in the various GO FAIR INs.

The GO FAIR website provides an overview of the currently active and planned Implementation Networks, opens an external URL in a new window. If you are interested, you can contact the respective IN directly via a contact form. For example, the following INs may be of interest to researchers at the TU Wien:

The three pillars

The three pillars GO CHANGE, GO TRAIN and GO BUILD represent the three fields of action in which the GO FAIR Implementation Networks are active.

GO CHANGE works on cultural change with the two main goals

  • to establish the FAIR principles as a functioning standard in science and
  • to reform reward systems so that open scientific activities are taken into account and research data are recognised as an important outcome of the research process.

GO TRAIN is concerned with teaching the necessary data management skills in education and training.

GO BUILD addresses the need for interoperable and federated data infrastructures. Furthermore, it deals with the harmonization of standards, protocols and services, which enables all researchers to store, retrieve and analyse scientific data across disciplines.

National Support and Coordination Offices

National GO FAIR offices are one way of joining the GO FAIR initiative at a national level. The GO FAIR Austria office based at TU Wien was established in June 2021.