In Horizon Europe, great importance is attached to research data management, and data management plans (DMPs) are mandatory. If you expect to generate or reuse data and/or other research outputs (except for publications), you are required to outline in a maximum of one page how these will be managed. Further details on this are provided in the proposal template in the relevant section on open science.

A full DMP is not required at submission stage. By exception, and if the work programme requires so, you should submit a full DMP already with submission of proposals or at the latest by the signature of the grant agreement. 

Within the first six months of the project period, approved projects must file a first version of a data management plan as a deliverable. The European Commission provides the templates, samples and support described below, the use of which is recommended. The data management plan must be updated during the course of the project if there are significant changes, such as: new data, changes in the guidelines of the consortium (e.g. new innovation potential, decision for patent application) or changes in the composition of the consortium (e.g. entry of new consortium members or departure of old members). Apart from that, an update of the DMP should be carried out with all regular evaluations of the project. 

The current Programme Guide includes a Horizon Europe DMP template (as of May 5, 2021). The use of this template is recommended but not mandatory.

A good practice regarding DMPs is to register them as non-restricted public deliverables to make them openly accessible, unless legitimate reasons exist to keep them confidential.

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For DMP information for ERC grantees, see our DMP minimum information page (Example 2).