Workshop: Analysis of Short Range Order

Organized by:

  • TU Wien, X-ray center (K. Hradil)
  • University of Erlangen, Crystallography and Structural Physics (R. B. Neder)


TU Wien, X-ray center, Getreidemarkt 9, A-1060 Vienna, Austria


23 – 27 March 2015

Lectures by:

  • R. B. Neder (University of Erlangen)
  • H. Peterlik (University of Vienna)
  • W. Artner (TU Wien)
  • J. Bernardi (TU Wien)
  • H. Grothe (TU Wien)
  • K. Hradil (TU Wien)


The workshop will mainly cover total scattering Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis from powder diffraction data, but will also give a short introduction in spectroscopic methods and small angle scattering analysis to explore short range order. The following lectures/practical courses are foreseen:

  • Instrumental diffraction techniques, sample preparation methods and set-up of a measurement for a powder diffraction experiment appropriate for PDF analysis (theory and lab course)
  • Data treatment
  • Theoretical background concerning PDF analysis
  • Data Refinement, simulation and modeling of short range order (theory, practical course)
  • Introduction to TEM, spectroscopic methods and small angle scattering data analysis concerning short range order

The workshop was mainly intended for master, PhD students and Post-Doc level.