Austrian Quantum Transmission Electron Microscope - AQUTEM

We are in the process of building the first ultra-fast transmission electron microscope in Austria. This unique microscope is dedicated for fundamental quantum research.
The project is supported by Quantum Austria – FFG and the Austrian Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF) “Next Generation EU”.


Fundamental research into photons, neutrons, atoms and molecules has driven an era of experimental quantum physics in Austria. Today, governments and large companies around the world have pledged to invest billions of euros into quantum science and technology, with an emphasis on quantum computing, communication, simulation, sensing and metrology to benefit a stunning breadth of sciences and industries.    
Most of these efforts focused on systems that are well isolated from their environment, in order to preserve the coherent nature of interactions. Within a solid or a liquid, coherence is normally only preserved over very short timescales (fs to ns) and lengthscales (nm to µm). While these scales can be accessed individually with ultrafast laser spectroscopy and electron microscopy, respectively, the combination of them has remained inaccessible to researchers in Austria. Within this infrastructure grant we want to close this gap and provide the Austrian Quantum science community with an Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope. 

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