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Current news and updates

Degrading air raid tower in a park in Vienna
© Joshua Armstrong | Unsplash

We invite local architecture and planning students to join our International Student Seminar from August 28 until September 4 with participants from…

Ein japanisches Holztor auf offenem Wasser
© Tianshu Liu | Unsplash

Österreichischen Staatsangehörigen wird die Möglichkeit geboten, an einer Universität in Japan zu studieren. Durch das Stipendium soll der Grundstein…

Poster Hokkaido Summer Institute
© Hokkaido University

Apply now for the Hokkaido Summer Institute! This is a course based program in Sapporo, Japan from June until October 2023.

Traditionelles Japanisches Haus

Architectural Workshop at Saga University, Japan from Feb. 13 until Feb. 24, 2023. TU Wien architecture and planning students can apply now until…

Logo and writing of a Japanese university on a stone portal
© Thomas Rief | TU Wien

TU Wien students can apply now for the Cross cultural Engineering Project (CEP) 2022

Image of the promotion poster of the event
© Universität Wien

The Department of East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna invites to an interesting online lecture with the title "Neighborhood Tokyo -…

National Institute of Informatics building, aerial view
© National Institute of Informatics

After two years of travel restrictions to Japan we are more than pleased to announce the launch of the NII International Internship Program back to…

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