Enrollment, applying for insurance and residence permit are quite complicated procedures and JASEC staff will assist you with the necessary steps. Most documents are available in German only and therefore we have created a document which explains the whole process in Japanese, opens a file in a new window.


General Information

(Please contact the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo, opens an external URL in a new window for details. Students who have Japanese nationality may not need a Visa-D.)

Only tourists and business travellers can stay in Austria without a visa. As a student or researcher you are required to apply for a Visa-D at the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo. This visa allows you to stay in Austria and travel in the EU (Schengen area, opens an external URL in a new window) up to 6 months.

Please take a look at the website of the embassy, opens an external URL in a new window  and the website of the OeAD (Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation), opens an external URL in a new window  for additional information.

If you plan to stay for more than 6 months, you have to apply for “residence permit” after your arrival in Vienna. Additionally to the documents needed for the Visa-D you will have provide the information of sufficient funds, a proof of residence (tenancy agreement) and you need to sign up for the national public health insurance. We will provide additional information on the process of applying for a residence permit and will assist you with the local authorities.

The following documents are general requirements to be submitted with the application form for a residence permit (in original and copy):

  • Valid travel document (e.g. passport)
  • Birth certificate (Japanese family register, with apostil) or equivalent document
  • Photograph (dimensions: 45x35mm) which is not older than six months
  • Proof of locally customary accommodation (e.g. tenancy agreement or proof of freehold property purchase)
  • Proof of health insurance covering all risks (only the Austrian public health insurance is accepted)
  • Proof of adequate means of subsistence (payslips, pay certificates, employment contracts, evidence of retirement or other pension or insurance benefits, investment capital or sufficient own assets)
  • A no-criminal record certificate (with apostil), not older than three months
  • Documents in languages other than German or English are to be submitted along with a certified translation into German. Personal documents issued in Japan have to bear the apostil.


TU Wien has no own student residences. There are different non-profit student residence providers in Vienna.

Please visit the website of our international office, opens in new window for more Information.