Open Positions

Unravelling Advanced 2D Materials (TU-D)

The PhD programme TU-D combines synthesis, characterisation, application and simulation of 2-dimensional materials and systems. The following PhD position is advertised within this programme:

Operando PAR-XPS studies of 2D electronic devices and their manipulation with electrons and ions

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is well established to study surfaces and interfaces. In particular, Parallel Angle Resolved XPS (PAR-XPS) may be seen as an ultimate tool to study 2D materials as it allows for analyzing surfaces and interfaces by means of probing non-destructive depth profiles within the information depth of less than 10 nm [1,2,3]. The Figure depicts an example of PAR-XPS survey spectra obtained from a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) on hafnium oxide substrate. The increased intensities of the F1s lines with increased surface sensitivity may indicate an upright position of the molecules on the substrate.

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Student assistant in research and administration

The AIC has a vacancy for a student assistant in research and administration in the area of digitisation and administration, probably from July 2023 (up to 20 hours per week, initially limited until 02.07.2024, but no longer than until completion of the master's or diploma degree). 


  • General support in the area of digital transformation
  • Collaboration in the project reservation and accounting tool as well as measurement time management with focus on surface analytics / electron spectroscopy at the AIC 
  • Collaboration in administrative processes in the Analytical Instrumentation Center
  • Support in website design
  • Organisational support in the planning and implementation of events and PR activities

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