Computational Quantum Science

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The research activities of our group focus on the emergent physical behavior of strongly correlated electron systems. Prominent examples of fascinating phenomena arising from electronic correlations are high-temperature superconductivity or quantum criticality. The impressive technological advancements in the device fabrication strongly stimulated the exploration of new phases of matter. At the same time, the development of new many-body techniques for their theoretical description became a central aspect of the forefront research. In particular, we employ renormalization-group approaches to investigate the fundamental mechanisms underlying the physical behavior of model systems for materials, cold atomic gases and nanostructures.  
New perspectives on the high-dimensional data arising naturally in such complex interacting systems are revealed also by machine learning methods. At the same time, methods from statistical physics and quantum many-body theory can improve the understanding of the working principles of modern machine learning methods. In our group we aim to exploit these connections to advance the field and identify promising directions for future research.