First Announcement

The 25th International Workshop on Inelastic Ion-Solid Interactions (IISC-25) will be held at Steinschaler Dörfl in Frankenfels, Austria, opens an external URL in a new window from September 14-19, 2025

The conference program starts on Sunday evening with a welcome reception and ends on Friday after lunch. We will arrange bus transfers from and to Vienna on Sunday and Friday afternoons. Individual arrival by car or train is also possible. Getting to Frankenfels from Vienna Airport by train is easy with just one change and a local historic panorama train.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail:

Important Dates

September 14-19, 2025

Conference Date

January 1, 2025

Registration Open

January 1, 2025

Abstract Submission Open

April 30, 2025

Abstract Submission Deadline

Post-deadline abstracts can be submitted until August 15 but will only be considered for poster presentation.

May 15, 2025

Abstract Acceptance Notification

May 31, 2025

Registration Deadline

Late registrations are subject to room availability, and an increased registration fee will apply.

Information about the Conference

The International Workshop on Inelastic Ion Surface Collisions covers the fundamental aspects of the inelastic interactions of particles with surfaces. It includes the following topics:

  • Energy loss of particles at surfaces
  • Charge exchange between particles and surfaces
  • Electron, photon and secondary ion emission due to particle impact on surfaces
  • Ion induced desorption, electronic and kinetic sputtering
  • Defect formation, surface modification and nanostructuring
  • Laser induced desorption
  • Plasma-wall interaction
  • Scattering of atoms, ions, molecules and clusters
  • Sputtering, fragmentation, cluster and ion formation in SIMS and SNMS
  • Cluster/Molecular and highly charged ion beams
  • Electronic damage in 2D materials, soft matter and biological systems

The list of invited speakers will be published here soon.

The conference programme will include a welcome reception on Sunday evening, a group outing, a conference dinner. The final schedule and more information about the social programme will be announced here in 2025.

Information about registration and abstract submission will be announced here in good time.

Information on how to reach the conference venue can be found here in 2025.


  • Gunther Andersson (Australia)
  • Fritz Aumayr (Austria)
  • Stefan Facsko (Germany)
  • Maria Silvia Gravielle (Argentina)
  • Ronnie Hoekstra (The Netherlands)
  • Iñaki Juaristi (Spain)
  • Henning Lebius (France)
  • Christian Linsmeier (Germany)
  • Jiro Matsuo (Japan)
  • Phillip Roncin (France)
  • Marika Schleberger (Germany)
  • Chad Sosolik (USA)
  • Taku Suzuki (Japan)
  • Richard Wilhelm (Austria)
  • Hidetsugu Tsuchida (Japan)
  • Pedro Luis Grande (Brazil)

Local Organisers

  • Fritz Aumayr (TU Wien, Co-Chair)
  • Richard Wilhelm (TU Wien, Co-Chair)
  • Anna Niggas (TU Wien)

Local Advisors

  • Christoph Lemell (TU Wien)
  • Jani Kotakoski (Uni Wien)
  • Toma Susi (Uni Wien)
  • Paul Scheier (Uni Innsbruck)
  • Elisabeth Gruber (Uni Innsbruck)