Head of Micro- and Nanostructured Biointerfaces Group

Recreating biological phenomena in model systems with defined components and properties has proven to be a powerful means for dissecting molecular mechanisms. My research is dedicated to the development of such model systems that allow the reconstitution, observation and physical manipulation of cellular processes down to the single molecule level. In particular, I apply micro- and nanostructured biointerfaces to gain a quantitative and mechanistic understanding of plasma membrane organization and associated cellular signaling processes. At the moment, I am particularly excited about using DNA origami to organize proteins with nanoscale precision. A perfect experimental system to study the spatial requirements and molecular mechanisms of T-cell signaling!

Eva is a member of the BIOINTERFACE, opens an external URL in a new window- network at TU Wien. 

Research interests

  • Development and application of micro- and nanostructured biointerfaces for cell studies
  • Molecular mechanisms of T cell signaling
  • Fundamental elements of plasma membrane organization and function
  • Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy