Our research concentrates on the following topics:

  • Ion-Surface Interaction: Electron Emission, Sputtering, Nanostructure Formation
  • Fusion Research: Fusion Plasma Diagnostics, Plasma-Wall Interaction, Plasma Edge Physics
  • Space Weathering: Space Weathering Phenomena, Surface Erosion on the Moon or the Planet Mercury due to Impact of Solar Wind Ions
  • Time4ions: Time-Resolved Ion Scattering, Ultrafast Processes
  • Biomimetics: Abstraction of Good Design from Living Nature
  • Electron Coincidence Spectroscopy:  Electron Spectroscopy and Scattering


For Students

We are always happy to welcome talented and interested students to join our group in the course of a Bachelor, project and/or Diploma thesis. To get more information about currently available topics, please contact us via email. If you specify which of our research topics you would be most interested in we will do our best to offer a relevant topic. 

There are some lectures held biyearly about our research topics: