Applied Interface Physics

Our research focuses on the broad areas of adhesion, friction as well as interfacial forces and their utilization for making better energy-saving, energy efficient, cheaper, long lasting smart materials for application in structural and functional materials. We are also interested in dynamic interaction forces, single molecular interactions and soft matter physics in confined spaces. Our aim is to gain insight into the fundamental interactions in complex interfacial processes, and to translate fundamental science into knowledge-based design of better and novel structural and functional materials for technological applications. We are in particular interested in:

  • Fundamental work on interfacial forces, interfacial structures and tribology under (electrochemically active) variable environmental conditions.

  • The effect of (electro-)chemical reactions on interfacial interactions with a particular focus on structural effects in confined spaces and complex environments.

  • Characterization of specific interactions and recognition in biologic systems

  • Design of novel experiments for measuring surface forces

  • Measurement, understanding and ultimately prediction of properties of surfaces, interfaces and thin films over large length and time scales.

  • Design and utilization of model experiments and tunable thin films and interfaces using unique bio-mimetic and molecular design concepts.

  • Development and establishment of new experimental techniques for surface and interface analysis.

  • Preparation and characterization of advanced functional materials with smart properties.

  • Corrosion and reactivity in confined spaces (crevice corrosion, SCC)

  • Structuring of ionic liquids and solutions of ionic liquids at charged and uncharged interfaces

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Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Markus Valtiner

Head, Research Unit of Applied Interface Physics

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