1. At the beginning of the thesis, the topic must be registered in TISS by your supervisor.
  2. Four weeks before the submission of the documents, the examination senate (supervisor and two other examiners) must be sent to angela.pecinovsky@tuwien.ac.at
  3. Make the LVA assignment in TISS
  4. Send all required documents to angela.pecinovsky@tuwien.ac.at
  5. You can submit the hard-bound thesis either in person (by appointment) or by post.

Please note that ECTS apply according to the study plan (e.g. chemical exercises for TPH 4 ECTS according to the study plan instead of 6 ECTS according to the certificate!)!

As of 01.09.2013, the new guidelines on the electronic submission of university publications apply.

Please note that it can take 4-6 weeks for a credit or exchange notification to be issued! Therefore, please apply for a credit transfer RIGHT BEFORE the desired graduation date!

Academic year 2023/2024

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Academic year 2024/2025

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