This page contains tables of bound coherent neutron scattering lengths. The tables can be downloaded in portable document format (pdf). The first column of the tables, Z-Symb-A,  gives the nuclides´ charge number Z, the element symbol and the mass number A. The column %orT1/2 contains either natural abundance or half live, column I the nuclear spin. The scattering lengths columns are denoted by bc for the bound coherent scattering lengths, b+ for spin-dependent scattering lengths for I + ½, and b- for spin-dependent scattering lengths for I - ½, all in fm. Abbreviations for experimental methods (column Meth) are BD for Bragg diffraction, CF for Christiansen filter, DD for Dynamical diffraction, GR for Gravity Reflection, IN for Neutron Interferometry, M for Many methods, NP for Nuclear orientation, PR for Prism reflection, TM for Transmission, and TR for Total refraction.  for the abbreviations in column Ref. please have a look at the full references, opens in new window table

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