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Workshop on the Role of Weak Interaction in Nucleosynthesis

The interplay of the fundamental interactions determines the formation and annihilation of matter as well as the evolution of stars and galaxies. The properties of weak interaction and its importance for the evolution of matter are subject of the workshop. In particular, specific aspects of the theory of weak interaction as well as measurements as planned in the priority programme will be discussed. The meeting deals with central questions like the description of beta decay and its coupling constants, symmetries of weak interaction, neutronising of matter, etc .


The workshop comprises two parts: an introduction held by an expert in the field and lectures in which the participants will present specific topics. The meeting offers ample time and space for discussion.
The meeting will be jointly organized with Prof. Helmut Leeb from the Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Particle Physics department.

Target group

  • All PhD students involved in projects funded by the DFG priority programme 1491,
  • master, diploma (in the third study section), and PhD students in Technical Physics at the Vienna University of Technology who are interested in the topics.

Days and Venue

At present, the days envisaged are Friday, 25 January and Saturday, 26 January 2013, and the venue in Lower Austria.

Registration and Contact

DFG SPP 1491 PhD students, please contact Prof. Hartmut Abele or Dr. Gertrud Konrad.  

Students of the Vienna University of Technology, please e-mail Prof. Helmut Leeb. The following are required for the registration: Surname, first name, matriculation number, contact telephone number, and email address.

Course lecturers (LV.Nr. 142.069 Seminar on Atomic and Subatomic Physics)

Prof. Helmut Leeb
Prof. Hartmut Abele