Our work group focuses on fundamental research on and technical applications of superconductivity, i.e. the phenomenon of lossless current transport in certain materials at low temperatures. We have strong superconducting magnets (up to 17 Tesla), special current sources (up to 1000 Ampere), as well as high-resolution scanning systems (magnetic field microscopes, in a sense) at our disposal for experimental work. Our fundamental research aims at a comprehensive understanding of the complex processes which are involved in current transport in type-2 superconductors. Among other things, we use the institute’s reactor to modify the microstructure of superconductors by means of irradiation, and investigate the resulting changes in their properties. Moreover, our equipment facilitates a precise characterization of superconducting wires and tapes for technical applications. We have strong international ties, and collaborate with other research facilities in order to improve the performance of superconductors and to utilize them for applications such as particle accelerators or nuclear fusion facilities.

Labtour - Low Temperature Physics and Superconductivity

The video introduces the research unit