3rd place: Carved in stone - humanity's data for eternity

Long-term data storage is a challenge in the digital age. Conventional storage media require regular replacement and consume considerable resources. Paul Mayrhofer and his team at the Institute of Materials Science and Technology at the Vienna University of Technology are therefore researching a new process together with partners from the Institute of Production Engineering and Photonic Technologies and Ceramic Data Solutions GmbH. Their approach enables data to be stored in thin ceramic layers on ceramic or glass substrates using ultrashort pulse lasers. This method is extremely robust, durable and requires no additional resources for loss-free data storage over long periods of time. Compared to conventional systems, CO2 emissions could be reduced by up to 99%. An existing DVD production facility in Austria, which is hardly being utilised to capacity, is currently being converted for pilot production, which will secure the location and create a considerable technological advantage for Austria.

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Paul Mayerhofer (middle) and his Team