Group photo in front of Airbus

© Dagmar Fischer

Institutes field trip 2013, 29.05.2013

In the morning we took the bus towards Bremen. In Bremen we explored the old town and its sights in two hours.

Photo of the Bremen City Hall

© Dagmar Fischer

We visited the Bremen Cathedral, the late medieval town hall of Bremen

Photo of the medieval fishing district "Schnoor" in Bremen

© Dagmar Fischer

as well as the preserved medieval fishing district "Schnoor" in which the smallest houses in all colors, threaded like pearls on a string, line winding alleys,

Photo of the Mühle am Wall in Bremen

© Dagmar Fischer

and the mill on the wall,

photo of Bremen Market place

and ate Bremen Rostbratwust on the market square.

Photo of the Bremen Stadtmusikanten

© Dagmar Fischer

Of course, we also helped our wishes along the way by diligently massaging the shackles of the Bremen Town Musicians' donkey and Roland's knees!

Photo of the statue of Bremen Roland

© Dagmar Fischer

Photo of a Fw 200 (Condor)

© Dagmar Fischer

Then we went by bus to Airbus, where we first saw a historical outline, supported by various models, from the beginning with Focke and Wulf to today's current flight models inc. A380 received. Then we were divided into two groups and started the tour through the production halls in opposite directions. We saw the restoration by retired volunteer aircraft engineers of an Fw 200 (Condor), which was salvaged from a fjord in Norway in 1999. Furthermore, the manufacture of the fuselage of the A 400 and the landing flaps for the A350, A330 and A320 and also learned a lot of interesting details about the materials used, manufacturing processes and the structural design.

Then we drove to Delmenhorst to our new hotel where we spent the remaining 3 nights.

Photo of Delmenhorst

© Ahmad Falahati