Airplanes in the Aviaticum Flight Museum

© Dagmar Fischer

Institute field trip 2019

The destinations of this year's institute excursion were the Aviaticum Flight Museum followed by a tour of operations by Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, both in Wiener Neustadt, Liechtenstein Castle in Maria Enzersdorf and a final visit to a wine tavern in Mödling.

Photo of the Etrich Taube in the Diamond Aircraft hangar

© Dagmar Fischer

Punctually at 07:45 we started our journey towards Wr. Neustadt, where we were warmly welcomed just a short time later at the Diamond Aircraft company's industrial site. The first item on the agenda was a visit to the Aviatikum flight museum, which is located in one of Diamond Aircraft's huge hangars. We enjoyed a very interesting tour of Austrian flight history, which is characterized by the most innovative pioneering work, incredible daring and the unbroken inventive spirit of the first flight engineers. For example, the Etrich Taube, built by the Austrian aircraft pioneer Igo Etrich, is one of the first aircraft types to be built in large numbers. Above all, the remark from our guide that aircraft construction has been around in Austria “forever” amazed the entire institute.

Group photo in front of the Diamond Aircraft hangar

© Dagmar Fischer

After the short lap of honor from the museum to the next item on the program through the industrial area of Wiener Neustadt (not knowing that the destination was actually at the starting point), we were able to tackle the Diamond Aircraft factory tour. We got a very good insight into the production of the aircraft types DA40, DA50 and DA62, beginning with the manufacture of the individual components, consisting of a carbon or glass fiber reinforced composite material, through to the assembly of the electronic inner workings. At the Wr. Neustadt, the company manufactures around 100 aircraft of different types per year, which have been able to establish themselves as world leaders, primarily due to their low diesel consumption. In this way, airplanes provide a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to cars. With only 10 l/100 km (at 60% power), the range offers the ideal choice for the small man with a medium-sized wallet.

Photo of Liechtenstein Castle

© Dagmar Fischer

The short pit stop at the airport's own Beisl and at the local grocery store was followed by an invigorating picnic, during which we ate the specialties we had provided, such as sausage and cheese rolls. A long and strenuous walk later we reached the imposing walls of Lichtenstein Castle, which towers on a rocky ridge at an altitude of about 300 m above sea level. Divided into two groups, we explored the old rooms, chambers and parlors and learned a lot about the history of the castle and the lives of people in the Middle Ages. A very enthusiastic guide showed us not only the magnificent halls but also the quiet place where one can enjoy a session at dizzying heights. Finally, we climbed the highest tower, where we were all allowed to enjoy the wonderful view. All? No! Aleksandr O. bravely resisted the temptation and meanwhile carefully checked his Instagram account.

Heurigen buffet in Mödling

© Ernst Kozeschnik

Finally, we ended the evening with a visit to a wine tavern in Mödling and were able to review the events of the day over food and drink.