Students who choose their specialization subjects in the field of quality management and write a relevant diploma thesis have the possibility - by means of an additional examination - to obtain a personal certificate of the TÜV.


The completion of the following courses is required: (Completion is not mandatory, it will be reviewed).

    330.159 Production and Quality Management 1
    330.162 Production and Quality Management 2
    330.168 Quality Management Tools
    320.166 Quality Management in Product Development
    330.170 Quality Management SE

The individual certificates of the LVAs must be sent to Mr. Markus Steinlechner ( in the course of the registration email for the examination. Afterwards, a written examination (multiple-choice test, 20 single and/or multiple-choice questions; the examination is considered positive if at least 65% of the points are achieved; examination duration 45 minutes) must be completed. It is necessary to register for the exam by filling in a registration form on the day of the exam before the exam. If the test result is negative, a second attempt is possible. The exam questions are based on the contents of the LVAs under point 1. Following the written examination, an oral subject examination will be held. There will be 2 questions on the topic of quality management. The assessment is based on the school grading system. Furthermore, a project paper has to be completed: Minimum length 20 pages, guideline 5,500 words (A4. Font Arial, font size 10, line spacing 1.5 times or comparable; excl. title page, table of contents, images and appendices); assessment is based on the school grading system. -> A relevant seminar paper or project work of the module Quality Management can be submitted as project work. The TÜV decides whether this is sufficient in terms of content and form.


The next examination will take place on 4.2.2019 in HS1 of Theresianumgasse 27.

Exam registration

The registration for the exam has to be done via email to Mr. Markus Steinlechner ( As described in point 1, the individual certificates of the LVAs must be sent along with the registration email for the exam.


This certificate is valid for 5 years and can, with proof of at least two years of practical work experience in the relevant field, be rewritten to a general certificate for the certified quality manager of TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH.
The certificate can be extended for three additional years at a time, provided that the certificate holder provides proof that he/she continues to possess competencies. These competencies are demonstrated by a practical test and a multiple-choice test.
If no proof is provided, the certificate loses its validity.


The costs for the certification exam and the issuance of the certificate amount to €160,- + VAT and will be settled with the TÜV after completion of the exam.