Short title: Maintenance 4.0

Long title: Maintenance 4.0 - Assurance of product quality and plant availability through a real-time based maintenance control center

Sponsors: Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft - FFG

IMW contribution to the research project:

  • Requirement analysis and analysis of existing systems
  • Identification of correlations between the input data
  • Development of a reaction model with an underlying set of rules
  • The conception of the anticipatory maintenance strategy
  • Project management and dissemination

Duration: 04/2015-06/2017

Flow chart consisting of three screenshots further explains the project


In the research project "Instandhaltung 4.0", the project partners under the consortium leadership of TU Wien have investigated the development of an innovative maintenance control center, which predicts downtimes and proposes anticipatory maintenance measures. For this purpose, multiple data sources have been linked together - real-time machine control data, condition monitoring data, quality measurement data of the products and the historical knowledge about failure events. A reaction model running in the background combines the condition and load-dependent service life calculation with a statistical failure behavior of the plant under consideration.


The results of the Instandhaltung 4.0 research project enable more precise forecasting of the time of failure of production machines and a predictive maintenance strategy. The core of this project was the development of an innovative maintenance control center. Within the scope of the project, a potential reduction in downtimes of up to 25% was achieved, depending on the machine component. The improved planning capability increases the process stability on the entire shop floor, and a significant step towards "Maintenance 4.0" has been taken.

The maintenance control center offers:

  • Presentation of mechanical wear and tear
  • Presentation of discrepancies in the quality data
  • Measures to support decision-making
  • KPI cockpit for plant-specific evaluation
  • Visualization of the evaluation

The mobile maintenance app offers:

  • Presentation of the state of the plant (current operating state, current consumption etc.)
  • Role-specific definable KPI cockpit
  • Rapid recording and low-cost management of incidents
  • A detailed evaluation of the OEE


Research institutions:

Company partners:

Opel Wien GmbH
Pimpel GmbH


Dipl.-Ing. Robert Glawar