Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common cause of long-term incapacity for work and lost working days in the EU and account for around 2% of the gross domestic product of the entire EU. In Austria, MSDs are the second most common cause of sick leave after respiratory diseases, accounting for almost 15% of sick leave cases.

Ergonomic methods are used to ensure that the working environment is as healthy and comfortable as possible for employees. These aim to assess risk factors by analyzing posture at work. The “Ergo4A” (Ergonomics for All) project is developing a methodology for simple and quick ergonomics self-assessment by workers on site. This is being implemented in the form of a mobile app that brings workers closer to ergonomics. At the same time, employers can use the app as an accessible and simple method for conducting ergonomic analysis and identifying improvements.

The app uses algorithms to estimate body posture from video streams and allows employees to analyze their posture in real time and save it for the purpose of further explanation or replaying the recording. The app will be open-sourced and available free of charge via common app repositories (Google Playstore, Apple Store). Through the app, the project aims to sensitize and educate Austrian employees in the field of ergonomics.

Ergo4A is funded by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Labor (Project Fund Work 4.0). In the research project, TU Wien MMI is working together with the Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies at St. Pölten UAS.


Dipl.-Ing. David Kostolani