Short title: EIT Manufacturing 2021 DeCoTe

Long title: EIT Manufacturing 2021 Democratizing Cobot Technology

Duration: 01.01.2021-31.12.2021

Allocation to IMW's research priorities:

  • Human-robot interaction


In the industrial application of lightweight robots, the potential of this technology is usually not fully exploited. The reasons for this are usually a lack of expertise and skepticism about safety concepts. The DeCoTe consortium aims at increasing the acceptance of potential users as well as the interested public towards collaborative robotics.  For this purpose, practical experience with industrial applications as well as basic safety concepts are to be conveyed.


DeCoTe uses an innovative learning concept consisting of a proactive workshop and interactive learning units on the computer (tablet) to teach the basics of collaborative robotics in an industrial context. The 1-day program, which will be held in different countries of the EIT RIS region in fall and winter 2021, will take place in regional FabLabs, Makerspaces as well as at universities.


Dr. Christina Schmidbauer

Phone: +43 1 58801 33059