Thomas Brandmayr and Roman Okruch are working on their master theses within a joint research project with colleagues from the University of Vienna, University of Hohenheim and Tilburg University.

They focus in their research on the interaction between electronic support of negotiations and mediation. Negotiations (ranging from simple everyday to long-lasting business negotiations) represent social interactions including complex communication patterns. Analyses of negotiation dyads’ communication are used to create insights in the black-box of decision-making processes. These in-depth analyzes are necessary to evaluate the influence on economic, normative and social outcome dimensions.

Content analyses workshop

Some insights into the first content analyses workshop conducted in March 2011 at TU Wien.

Content analyses workshop

The second content analyses workshop conducted in April 2011 at the University of Hohenheim.

e-NEGO-motion Team

Team Vienna (Prof. Sabine Köszegi, Mag. Johannes Gettinger, Roman Okruch, Thomas Brandmayr), Team Hohenheim & Team Tilburg