The aim of this project is to develop smart working strategies that lead to a better work-life balance for managers and thus reduce barriers to entry for women in management positions. "Smart working" means the reflected use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for flexible, location-independent collaboration. Based on experience with the increased use of ICT during the Corona pandemic, technical, organizational and legal guidelines for the use of ICT will be developed in a participatory manner with companies in order to implement home offices, virtual meetings, hybrid events, etc. without the requirement for constant availability. The results are to be made available to employees, works councils, trade unions and companies in a concluding symposium and a strategy paper to guide action. A podcast on the topic is also planned.



  • IHS - Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna
  • Österreichisches Institut für Familienforschung

Sponsored by the Vienna Chamber of Labor within the framework of the Zukunftsfonds (Future Fund)

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