Abstract: The aim of SInnDesign was to develop training materials and tools for the implementation of  "Design for Sustainability (DfS)"-principles for furniture, textiles for the habitat and building materials, leading to innovative and competitive solutions. One of the tasks was the adaptation of the PILOT tool for the needs of the textile industry. The developed training materials (theory modules, tools, background materials, etc.) for vocational and educational training which amount to 50 hours of training in total, can be downloaded in five languages.

Duration: 10/2013 - 09/2015

Funding: LEONARDO da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation


  • LNEG - Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia, I.P. (PRT)
  • ITC - Association of the Ceramic Industry (ESP)
  • PROSPEKTIKER - Prospektiker - European Institute for Future Studies and Strategic Planning (ESP)
  • CITEVE -Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias Têxtil e do Vestuário de Portugal (PRT)
  • Austrian Institute of Ecology (AUT)
  • IBW - Institute for Research on Qualifications and Training of the Austrian Economy (AUT)
  • Aalborg University (DNK)
  • Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (DNK)
  • National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education and Training (PRT)
  • Gabriel A/S DK – (DNK)
  • Montana DK - (DNK)
  • Fritz Hansen A/S (ANK)
  • HTL Dornbirn (AUT)

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