What does it mean to study at the Institute for Production Engineering and Photonic Technologies? 

Studying at the IFT means being able to conduct hands-on research using the resources of one of the largest institutes at the Technischen Universität Wien. The courses and topics of the diploma theses are directly related to the ongoing research activities. The tasks are collaboratively developed by the academic staff and the students and are individually tailored based on the subject area and prior knowledge.

The institute offers over 60 different educational activities (lectures, workshops, seminars) with the following focuses:

  • Manufacturing Technology (Turning, Milling, Grinding, Machine Hammer Peening, ...)
  • Machine Tools (Automation and Control Technology, Optimization, Sensor Integration, ...)
  • Industrial Robots (Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing, Hybrid Machining, Handling Technology in Production Systems, ...)
  • Sustainable Production (Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy, Digital Product Passport, ...)
  • Innovation Methods in Production (Design Thinking for Manufacturing, ...)
  • Digital Production (Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Computer Vision, Semantic Technologies, Data Acquisition and Management, OPC UA, MQTT, ...)
  • Production Ecosystems (Gaia-X, Data Exchange across the Value Chain, Blockchain Technologies, Compute-to-Data, ...)
  • Production Planning and Control (PLM, PDM, CAD, CAM, ERP, MES ...)
  • Digitization in Work Planning (Drawing-less Production, Feature-based Machining, Product Manufacturing Information, ...)
  • Quality Assurance (Coordinate Metrology, Surface Metrology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging...)

The assignment of these educational activities to the study plans of the Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering - Mechanical Engineering disciplines can be found in the respective sections.

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