How can I advertise jobs respectively announce vacancies?

Open positions in mathematics can be sent at any time to the project management team of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation (, which sends out the TUWMath_JobAlerts. The texts can be individually designed.

For a good overall appearance of the newsletter, we ask you to follow these guidelines when formulating the description of the vacancy:

  1. keep it short
  2. a version in German and one in English, to reach as many candidates as possible and to promote inclusion. For positions where knowledge of German is absolutely necessary (e.g. for general staff or teaching), this can and should be explicitly mentioned.
  3. advertise each position separately, e.g. PhD- and Post Doc-positions in separate descriptions
  4. if possible and suitable, include the following information:
  • working hours per week and employment duration
  • application deadline
  • planned start of employment
  • a contact person for questions

if applicable an additional link to the more detailed job description

The following examples serve as orientation:

"For the LVA "XYZ" we are looking for 3 student assistants with very good German language skills to lead 2 UE-groups of 90 minutes each (overall employment 5 hours each). If you are interested, please contact "NAME and EMAIL" by DATE and also send a short CV and your TISS consolidated grade record"


"The Research Unit XYZ is looking for a motivated PhD student within the project "XYZ". We offer a 30h contract for 3 years. For details, please see LINK TO JOB DESCRIPTION".


"The institute XYZ is looking for a student assistant (XX hours per week, limited to a maximum of XX years). The tasks include XYZ

For more information and details on the application process, please see LINK TO JOB DESCRIPTION

Application deadline: XX.YY.ZZZ

Planned start of employment: XYZ

Please send any questions to: NAME and EMAIL"