11. October 2020, 12:00 until 13:00

Geo Colloquium: Michael Schindelegger


Caprices of coastal sea level

Our next talk in our Geo Colloquium series:

Michael Schindelegger, opens an external URL in a new window, Professor for Geodetic Earth System Science at the University of Bonn,
Caprices of coastal sea level
October 11, 2020


Coastal sea level is a key variable in climate and coastal process studies and for managing flood risks in dynamic human and natural environments. Embedded in the spectrum of non-tidal coastal sea level signals from sub-daily to secular time scales are large (order ~10 cm) seasonal to interannual variations that are set by a multitude of physical processes, e.g., winds, river runoff, boundary currents, and topographic conditions. Given their tendency for acting on short scales in cross-shore direction, these low-frequency fluctuations have been difficult to observe, as tide gauges are geographically sparse and conventional altimetry retrievals are degraded 30 km from land. New altimetry technologies and reprocessed products, used in conjunction with ocean models, hold the promise of shedding more light on these intriguing signals. Here I give an overview of our understanding of seasonal to interannual coastal sea level variability, the role of boundary trapped waves and river plumes, and the current limitations of both models and observations used in that context. Results are mainly taken from an ongoing, multi-headed student’s Master Project, conducted at my home institution under the same title as this presentation.

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