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Research Unit Econometrics and System Theory

Broadly speaking, econometrics aims to give empirical content to economic relations for testing economic theories, forecasting, decision making, and for ex post decision/policy evaluation.

J. Geweke, J. Horowitz, and M.H. Pesaran (2007)

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The research unit Econometrics and System Theory (EOS) is part of the Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics.

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Retirement of a.o. Prof. Wolfgang Scherrer

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After many years at TU Wien, a.o. Prof. Wolfgang Scherrer retired on September 30, 2023. We thank him for being a great colleague and for his commitment to the Econometrics group and wish him all the best!

New Group Member

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On August 1, 2023, Dr. Karsten Reichold (previously TU Dortmund) joined the Econometrics group. Welcome!

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Research Unit Econometrics and System Theory

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