Register for Examination

Registration for written exams is mostly done via TISS, opens an external URL in a new window. In particular, this applies to service units in the undergraduate programme of other faculties, such as those for computer science, civil engineering, etc.

Some information about specific exams can be found on this page. If you do not find any information about an exam here, or on the TISS page of the unit, please also check the website of the lecturer of the unit or her/his research unit (lists of institute members and research units can be found on this website), You can also contact your lecturer or the secretary directly.

  • Supplemental examination in descriptive geometry:
    The admissions office will inform you if you are required to take the supplemental examination in Descriptive Geometry.
    Typically, you will not receive a certificate for this exam, but it is a requirement for completing sections of the study programme (depending on the curriculum).


MB, WI-MB, Verfahrenstechnik, opens an external URL in a new window resp., ARCH, BI, Geodäsie, opens an external URL in a new window

  • University Entrance Examination:
    Information about the test can be found on this handout (opens an external PDF-file, in german). If you have additional questions, please contact the examiner (Georg Nawratil).