Winter semester 2022/23 (3/4 VO + 2 UE)


  • Every Monday 12:15 - 13:45 and Wednesday 11:15 - 12:45 (starting Monday 03.10.2022).
  • By registering for the exercise in TISS, you will be registered for the associated TUWEL course.
  • A separate registration for the lecture is not required.
  • Office hours: Mondays after the lecture or after agreement via email.
  • If you only want to attend the lecture (but not the exercises), please write me an email (with name and matriculation number), so that I can register you manually for the TUWEL course.
  • The lecture will be read in presence and streamed and recorded using TU LectureTube.
  • The links to the LiveStream as well as to the recordings can be found in TUWEL.
  • Exam material for Numerics A (4-hour scope) is the complete lecture from October to January inclusive.
  • Examination material for Numerics B (3-hour scope) is the lecture from October to December inclusive.
  • The lecture exam is an individual oral exam. Dates will be arranged individually by mail. Please contact me 1-2 weeks before the desired date so that we can fix the exam:
  • TISS-Information: Numerical Analysis ANumerical Analysis B
  • TUWEL-Course: Numerical Analysis A/B + Exercises
  • Numerical Analysis A is mandatory in the Bachelor degree program TM.
  • Numerical Analysis B is mandatory in the bachelor degree programs WM and FVM.
  • Students of WM and FVM can complete Numerical Analysis A and have the additional 2 ECTS (compared to Numerical Analysis B) credited as an elective course (decision of the study commission of 27.01.2021). The crediting is done "manually" at graduation.

Lecture notes

  • After each lecture, I will make my handwritten preparations available for download in TUWEL.
  • The script is created parallel to the lecture and is successively made available for download in TUWEL, in each case before the corresponding lecture unit. Any subsequent corrections and additions will be marked in color.

Questions regarding the lecture

  • The lecture is held in presence and streamed live. Of course, you can ask questions at any time.
  • If you do not attend the lecture in presence, please post any questions in the TUWEL forum. I will try to answer them in a timely manner.


  • The exercise takes place on Fridays in small groups. All exercise groups will be held in presence.
  • Mandatory registration for the exercise in TISS (from 05/09/2022 to 09/10/2022) will register you for the associated TUWEL course.
  • The exercise consists of two parts in which all participants (regardless of Numerical Analysis A/B) must participate: Checkmark exercises in small groups with a maximum of 20 participants (14.10.2022 to 16.12.2022), Project exercise in teams of 2 (17.12.2022 to 27.01.2023).
  • TISS-Information: Exercise Numerical Analysis A/B
  • TUWEL-Course: Numerical Analysis A/B + Exercises


  • The universities had little support in politics in the last two years! So if we want to remain a presence university despite Corona, then we have to look out for each other together!
  • If you are Corona positive, please stay home! Please contact Julian Streitberger. We will try to set up online exercises on Zoom, so that you do not miss a lesson in the exercise despite Corona!
  • If possible, please test yourself 1x per week. I myself will also come tested to the lecture on Mondays.

Checkmarks (14.10.2022 to 16.12.2022)

  • Attendance is compulsory in the exercise group for which you have registered in TISS. You may be absent a maximum of 1x.
  • The weekly exercise takes place in presence.
  • Every week on Wednesday evening (from 05.10.2022) an exercise series with 4 exercises will be issued (download in TUWEL).
  • The solutions have to be handed in until Thursday of the following week at the latest at 10:00 a.m. (by uploading as PDF in TUWEL).
  • The solutions (handwritten or LaTeX) must be fully formulated in each case (i.e. complete premises, clear assertion, clear and formally correct proof).
  • In the following exercise the solutions are presented, discussed and evaluated. The exercise instructor decides who presents which task.
  • Issue of the first UE series: 05.10.2022
  • Handing in of the first UE-series until 13.10.2022, 10:00 a.m.
  • Discussion of the first UE series on 14.10.2022
  • The exercise starts on 14.10.2022, on Friday 07.10.2022 there is no exercise yet!
  • You are of course allowed to cooperate in solving the exercise tasks.
  • However, each participant must submit an individual solution. If identical solutions are handed in, an oral examination (beyond the UE) will clarify who created the solution (and who did not).
  • Exception: If you write down your solutions in LaTeX, you may submit the solutions as a team of 2. However, the PDF must contain both names and both students must submit the same PDF in TUWEL separately. Of course, both students must also be able to explain and present any joint solutions in the exercise.
  • If you are not able to explain your solution in the exercise (or if you are not able to explain it sufficiently, i.e. you did not solve the problem yourself and did not understand the solution), then all crosses will be cancelled for you this week (as if you had not handed in anything).

Project (17.12.2022 bis 27.01.2023)

  • On Friday 09.12.2022, teams of 2 will be formed within the exercise groups.
  • By Friday 17.12.2022, the teams of 2 will be given an individual project.
  • The projects consist of mathematical proofs, programming (in MATLAB or Python) and numerical experiments.
  • The project elaboration (in LaTeX) must be submitted to the project supervisor including program code.
  • After correction of the project, a meeting will take place (team of 2 plus project supervisor).
  • Submission either by 20.01.2023 (with a meeting in the following week of January) or by 27.01.2023 (with a meeting in the first week of February).


  • The exercise grade consists of 3/5 of the number of completely and correctly solved assignments, 1/5 of the participation and presentation of exercise assignments in the exercise, and 1/5 of the grade of the final project.
  • The following applies to the 3/5 portion of the checkmarks:
    • There are 10 exercise series of 4 tasks of 1 point each, i.e. 40 points in total.:
    • Grade 1, if points > 35
    • Grade 2, if points > 30
    • Grade 3, if points > 25
    • Grade 4, if points > 20
    • Grade 5, if points <= 20

Questions / Unclarities

  • For questions about the lecture or exercise mode, you can use the TISS forum.
  • Questions about the lecture can be asked live during the lecture or at any time in the TUWEL forum (see above).
  • Please ask questions about the exercises in the TUWEL forum!

Lecture contents

  • Condition and stability
  • Interpolation and extrapolation of functions
  • Numerical integration (= quadrature)
  • Elimination methods for the solution of linear systems of equations
  • Iterative methods for the solution of linear and nonlinear systems of equations
  • Numerical Analysis A only: Iterative methods for solving eigenvalue problems