101.570, winter term 2023


Preliminary meeting: Tuesday 10.10.2023 15:00, Sem.R. DB gelb 05A

Talks: Tuesdays from 15:00, Sem.R. DB gelb 05A

Date Speaker Topic Advisor
24.10.2023 Markus Faustmann Tips for talks and theses Slides
07.11.2023 Kaiser Alina Basics of dynamical systems GSK
14.11.2023 Blikharska Lidiia Introduction to Hamiltonian systems GSK
14.11.2023 Briceno Veronica Introduction to Hamiltonian systems GSK
21.11.2023 Kaltenbacher Cornelia Chaotic dynamics MF
28.11.2023 Katzenbeisser Alexander Nekhoroshev theorem MF
05.12.2023 Engl Florian Lorentz attraktor GSK
12.12.2023 Blaha Stephanie Nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems MF
12.12.2023 Trojanowski Michal Numerical simulation of 3-body problem MF
19.12.2023 Sichert Lukas The Melnikov method MF
09.01.2024 Hölzl Andrä Poincare recurrence theorem MF
16.01.2024 Rihs Rebecca Diskrete dynamical systems GSK
23.01.2024 Yetim Serra Van der Pol equation GSK


The students give lectures. Some textbooks and supplementary documents serve as a basis for the talks. The given topics are to be elaborated and presented in a lecture of about 75 minutes.

A brief written summary (not to exceed 2 pages) is to be provided for the other participants at the presentation. A seminar paper of approximately 10-15 latex pages is to be submitted no later than the end of March 2024.

The preparation of the lecture and the seminar paper will be supervised. Attendance at all seminar meetings is expected.