TU Wien Bibliothek takes care of ISSN allocation for journals, publication series and conference proceedings and offers a wide range of open access publishing options for books and journals, as well as conference proceedings.

Publishing books with TU Wien Academic Press

As an academic open access publisher, TU Wien Academic Press supports you, as a member of TU Wien, with all your publication proposals. The publishing house is run by TU Wien Bibliothek as a not-for-profit service and promotes an open academic and publication culture as part of TU Wien's research focus and strategic orientation. TU Wien Academic Press is Austria's first academic publishing house with a free-of-charge digital-first strategy.

A peer review procedure (in line with the type of publication) is standard, to ensure quality. We also offer services and advice on all matters relating to publication (image rights, grants, timing, etc.).

Further information is available on the TU Wien Academic Press website, opens an external URL in a new window.

Publishing open access journals and conference proceedings series

We can help you to transform an existing journal into an open access model or advise you on establishing an open access journal or conference proceedings series.

TU Wien Bibliothek also supports you, as publishers of open access journals, with a hosting platform. Whether you wish to map the entire peer review workflow using the system or prefer to conduct the peer review outside of the system, and only wish to use one platform to publish articles or contributions: TU Wien Bibliothek has the right system for you.

TU Wien Bibliothek works with the Janeway, opens an external URL in a new window software solution, which is an open source product largely developed by the Birkbeck Centre for Technology and Publishing in London. Click here to take a look at the code on GitHub, opens an external URL in a new window.

Janeway offers you a number of benefits:

  • Author management, including public author profile option
  • Registration via login or ORCID
  • Optional support for the peer review process using a component system
  • Compilation of usage statistics
  • Assignment of DOIs via TU Wien Bibliothek
  • OAI-PMH and REST API interfaces

We would be pleased to present the system to you to give you an overview of the functionalities of this hosting platform.

We support you

Prerequisites for our service:

  • The journal must be affiliated with TU Wien.
  • The journal is published in open access form without any restrictions to access.
  • The journal does not levy any publication fees ("Article Processing Charge").

has been hosted by TU Wien Bibliothek since 2015

Editor: Univ. Ass. MSc Dr. Justin Kadi

has been hosted by TU Wien Bibliothek since 2016

Editor: Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein

Peer reviews serve to control the quality of academic articles. More often than not, articles are peer reviewed according to what is known as the "single-blind method", where the reviewers know the names of the authors, but the authors do not know the names of the reviewers. There is also the "double-blind method", where neither the reviewers nor the authors know the names of each other.

As part of an open-peer review method, there is some experimentation regarding the various aspects of the "openness" of these two conventional review procedures. Thus, for example, disclosure of the names of the reviewers or even the entire content-related review results in greater transparency and clarity. Another option is to provide manuscripts as preprints to the entire community of researchers, thus enabling a "public" peer review, which permits a wider range of feedback, even from the general public. All peer review methods have certain advantages and disadvantages, the most important aspect is probably the willingness to critically reflect on existing methods as regards their suitability for a particular subject, field or research community.