Course reading collections consist of selected (text-)books that are recommended as reading for a lecture. These items cannot be borrowed, but all students can read them in the library and make scans of individual pages.

To support your lecture, TU Wien Bibliothek will on request organise a course reading collection at the circulation desk on the ground floor of the main library .

How to set up a course reading collection

Send us a list of the titles you want to be part of your lecture's course reading using the form below - our staff will take care of everything else.

Please note that some books may be out on loan and will only become available at the end of the loan period. Other titles may have to be acquired for your course reading collection. If a title is out of print, but available at your institute, we will request a temporary transfer of the title to the library for the duration of the term. At the end of the term, or of another period specified by you, we will disband the course reading collection and return the items to their previous locations.

While a course reading collection exists, a list of titles that are part of it can be generated by searching for the collection name on CatalogPlus.

If you require scans of journal articles or book chapters for your lecture in TUWEL, you can order them using our scan on demand service.

Course reading collection - form

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