We support you in managing your library holdings. taking care that your books and other media are inventoried, catalogued and, where necessary, removed from the inventory again.

Cataloguing of media

Media held at your institute need to be catalogued so that they can be found on CatalogPlus. New media are catalogued during the acquisition process, older items can be catalogued retrospectively.

This helps you to know more about your institute's media holdings and manage them more effectively. Library users outside your institute also profit from more complete information about the available materials.

Bring your media to us during opening hours or send it via internal mail. If you need to catalogue large quantities, please contact us in advance.

Transfer of media from institutes to the main library

Catalogued collections that you no longer need to hold in your institute must be transferred to the Main Library. This requirement ensures that all collections are properly delisted and deleted from catalogues. Holdings of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry and the mechanical engineering institutes are transferred to the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library.


Please arrange transportation to the Main Library or the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library and let us know the size and approximate time of delivery. We also need a signed confirmation from the head of your institute or research unit that these collections are no longer required in the institute and may be transferred to the main library. With the books you are sending, it would be helpful if you can also send us a list including the name of the author, title, year of publication and catalogue number.


We will be happy to provide you with a list of all catalogued journals. This must then be supplemented with the actual collection information and any additional titles that have not previously been catalogued. Send the corrected list back to us and we will inform you which volumes we can accept. Subsequently, transport to the Main Library or the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library can then be arranged by you via Real Estate and Facility Management. Please contact us well ahead of time, since our capacities are limited.

Note that if an inventory list exists at the institute, any transferred media need to be removed from the inventory.

Standards for withdrawing media from the inventory, opens a file in a new window