TU Wien Bibliothek has been supporting the work of TU Wien researchers, lecturers and students as a research library since 1815, the year both TU Wien and TU Wien Bibliothek were founded. With media holdings of more than 1.5 million items (books, journals, theses and other printed and electronic media), we are the largest library in Austria for scientific and technical literature and specialist information. Our collection includes materials of historical value, including the library of the Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects (Österreichischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein, ÖIAV).

Networking nationally and internationally is central to TU Wien Bibliothek's role. CESEAR, e-IRG, COAR, LIBER and KEMÖ are some of the organisations within which we are working to contribute to the advancement of research and of academic library services. TU Wien Bibliothek is responsible for DOI-Services Austria, opens in new window and manages ORCID Austria, opens an external URL in a new window in cooperation with Vienna University. In addition, we support infrastructures for an open culture of research and the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

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Strategic priorities

Seven strategic priorities that define our present and future work are: further development of discovery tools; open science; metadata; lifelong learning; the library as a learning centre; various local, national and international partnerships; and activities in what is known as the "third mission". View the following video (English-language subtitles available) to learn more about our priorities:

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Creating, sharing, disseminating & preserving knowledge (English subtitles available)

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TU Wien Bibliothek Mission Statement


We open up a world of knowledge for everyone by connecting people and science.


Located at the heart of TU Wien and the city of Vienna, TU Wien Bibliothek is Austria's biggest library for science and engineering. We are committed to creating, sharing, disseminating and preserving knowledge through sustainable infrastructures. We provide spaces for discourse and empower people to engage with the digital world in an autonomous, critical and proactive manner.


We contribute to a democratic, well-informed and inclusive society. Our library is meant to serve as a third place for people to meet and get inspired.

We take responsibility for providing a green library and ensuring the sustainable management of our cultural heritage.

Engaging with our users is an incentive for us to develop services that add value. Our institutional, national and international partnerships are essential to this endeavour.

Openness is a key principle of our work, in both our attitude and our services. We are solution-oriented and self-reflective, and we believe in personal responsibility, mutual respect, fairness, transparency and trust. Every single one of us is involved in shaping the library for the future.

Together we can do more - we employ our broad expertise and skills, our diversity and curiosity. We are not afraid to experiment with new ideas and have the courage to fail. Our commitment to lifelong learning helps us grow with new tasks.

The spirit of collective creativity allows us to respond to constantly changing challenges with agility and resilience. We are focused on the future.