Core Competences

  • Magnetic components (inductors, transformers) for power electronics (‘kilohertz at kiloamperes’) in order to optimise the use of wide-bandgap power semiconductors (SiC, GaN),
  • Medium-voltage converters for sustainable energy systems, traction/railway applications, e-mobility, data centres and other energy consumers and producers in the lower megawatt range,
  • Modelling and optimisation of complex energy conversion systems with a focus on efficiency, cooling, standards and cost models, using AI to shorten design cycles,
  • Power electronics in fast-growing applications following long-term trends such as photovoltaics, electric vehicles (EV), data centres, green steel, hydrogen production, energy storage, medium-voltage drives


Research results are communicated through publications in leading international journals (e.g. the IEEE Transactions) and conference proceedings as well as in the form of PhD thesis.

In addition, new concepts for future innovative products in a wide range of application areas are identified as part of research collaborations with industry and typically delivered to industrial partners in the form of fully documented demonstrator systems.


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  • U. Drofenik, "Power Electronics Trends and Disruption in the Coming Decades", Lectures on Power Electronic and Mechatronic Systems of the Swiss Chapter of the IEEE Power Electronics Society, Zurich, Switzerland, July 8, 2024.