The Energy Technologies and Energy Systems Department deals with the future issues of sustainable energy supply and efficient energy use. By focussing on the key areas of "Energy and Environment", "New Power Grids and Infrastructure", "Innovative Electric Drives", "Electromobility", "Integration of Renewable Energies into Energy Systems", "Information and Communication Technologies for Energy Systems", and "Advancement of Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Technologies", students are comprehensively prepared for the challenges that await them after graduation (keywords: development of a more sustainable energy system, smart grids, more efficient energy conversion technologies). In this field, they learn to research, further develop and apply the theoretical and technological approaches to solutions. Of central importance here is the continued, close cooperation with the research focus "Energy and Environment" at TU Wien and the collaboration in the further development of this inter-faculty, interdisciplinary key topic.

A fundamental challenge here is the demand for holistic "systems thinking", whereby a significant increase in the technical efficiency and reliability of the entire energy system can be achieved through the targeted use of information technology, integration and strategic planning. The promotion of systems thinking as a complement to component development opens up challenging research potential for the future in the area of methods from modelling to analysis, verification and synthesis. Networking can increase productivity in a resource-saving way and the intelligent networking of energy consumers and generators in future "smart cities" and "supergrids" has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and other emissions.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Powered Energy Communities

Borrowing sugar or an egg from the neighbour - we know that. But electricity, because he has a surplus at the moment, to charge my electric car at low cost? Theresia Perger explains that this will be quite normal in the future and how it should work....