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Energy Technology and Energy Systems

The field of energy technologies and energy systems is concerned with questions concerning the future of sustainable energy provision and efficient energy use. By focusing on the key areas of “energy and environment”, “new power networks and infrastructure”, “innovative electric drives”, “electro-mobility”, “integration of renewable energies in energy systems”, “information and communication technologies for energy systems”, and the “acceleration of energy efficiency and energy management technologies”, students are fully prepared for the challenges awaiting them after graduation (keywords: development of a more sustainable energy system, smart grids, more efficient energy conversion technologies). In this field, you will learn to research, develop and apply theoretical and technological approaches to problems. Crucially important here is further close cooperation with TU Wien's “energy and environment” research focus and participation in the enhancement of this key cross-faculty interdisciplinary topic.

A fundamental challenge in this regard is the need for integrated “system thinking”, where targeted use of information technology, integration and strategic planning can achieve a significant increase in technical efficiency and reliability in the entire energy system. The acceleration of system thinking as an addition to component development opens up some challenging research potential for the future in the field of methodology, from modelling to analysis, verification and synthesis. Networking enables resource-saving productivity increases and intelligent networking of energy consumers and generators in future. “Smart cities” and “super grids” have the potential to significantly reduce CO2 and other emissions.