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Curriculum Vitae

Michael Feiginov has received MSc. degree in physics and electrical engineering from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia) in 1994 and Ph.D. in physics of semiconductors and dielectrics from the Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics (IREE), Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Moscow, Russia in 1999.

From 1994 to 2000 he was working at IREE RAS first as Junior Scientist and later becoming Senior Scientist.

In 2001 he has joined the Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany) and the same year he was awarded Sofja Kovalevskaja Prize by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany. In 2002 he has joined the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) as Senior Scientist, were he was heading a THz research group for the subsequent 11 years.

In 2013 he has moved to Japan, were he was working at the Tokyo Institute of Technology for a year and later he has joined the Frontier Research Centre of Canon Inc., also in Tokyo. In 2016 he was appointed as Professor of high-frequency and THz electronics at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria).


  • Main research topics
    • Resonant tunneling diodes (RTDs) and THz oscillators on their basis
    • Physics of fast electron transport in tunnel and low-dimensional semiconductor structures
    • THz sources, detectors and systems
    • Optoelectronic THz components (THz pin photodiodes, photomixers, non-linear optical components, etc.)
    • Plasmonics, especially THz plasmonics and low-dimensional plasma excitations
  • Research fields
    • Semiconductor theory
    • Electromagnetic design and analysis, particularly THz antennas, resonators, etc.
    • THz measurements
    • Microfabrication technology

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Michael Feiginov

Phone: +43 1 58801 - 354 700
Email: michael.feiginov@tuwien.ac.at


TU Wien
Institute of Electrodynamics, Microwave and Circuit Engineering
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