Scies4Free, this is an acronym for Semiconductor Integrated Sensors for fundamental research experiments. Within the doctoral college, five PhD students are working on the development of new technologies through which the smallest signals - such as those of individual light particles/photons - can be measured with high precession. This sensitivity is necessary to enable new experiments in the field of quantum technology and the search for dark matter. The development of a suitable instrumentation became an integral part of research in this field, which requires a detailed knowledge of the physical theory as well as a precise understanding of the technology for its application in the experiments.

Scies4Free is a cooperative doctoral program of the TU Wien and the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN). It complements scientific excellence in basic research with an application-oriented practical focus in the technology development. This constellation facilitates the future transition of developments from basic research to concrete applications up to commercialization.

All of this is enabled by five young researchers whose training and excellent scientific education are crucial to the success of the doctoral program. The principle of team supervision is implemented by the members of the faculty (LINK) who cover different specializations. The education is supplemented by suitable further training courses offered by TU Wien and FHWN with scientific content or soft skills areas. Since all PhD topics are integrated into larger projects, a secondment of several months to international partners is scheduled.