The picture shows a hilly landscape with a small forest on top of a hill, next to the logos of TU Wien and CO2Refinery.

Welcome to CO2Refinery!

CO2Refinery is a doctoral college at TU Wien and offers excellent scientific research, combined with a multi- and interdisciplinary curriculum (lectures and lab rotation), and a dedicated supervision and mentoring program. The 10 PhD students are in the center of attention and their training and scientific advancement are the keys to a successful implementation of this program. Research training will be obtained through work embedded into high-quality scientific research environments provided by supervisors that are internationally recognized experts in their fields and the close support through junior faculty members. In addition, a multifaceted training program will complement the research work and further advance their social and scientific skills.

Within CO2Refinery, fundamental research concepts will be translated into technically sound and viable solutions for a technical center scale. This requires a tight collaboration between the different research areas and working groups which will foster an intensive scientific exchange in the faculty ("learning by doing", using a “Technikum” approach). The aim of this consortium and this training initiative is to develop new platform technologies to allow the efficient utilization of CO2 substrate streams and to produce different platform chemicals, including solvents and food additives.


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CO2Refinery at the 22nd Austrian climate day

Information desk of CO2Refinery at the 22nd Austrian climate days

April 20th, 2022 Climate day Icebreaker event @TUtheSky

The CO2Refinery doctoral college was represented with an information desk at the Austrian climate days, April 20-22, and provided information about the project to interested visitors in a relaxed atmosphere. The Icebreaker event was the start for the following days and offered already brief inputs in different presentations by Karin Raith (University of Vienna: "Bring the locations to the people!"), Günter Emberger (TU Wien: "Climate change, climate goals - What does it mean for me?") and Christian Ruschitzka (Short film about "Zuchtgletscher"). The presentations provided facts for lively discussions among the audience. Besides the information desk of CO2Refinery, it was possible to gather information about the media management of TU Bib-IT and the master's program in Green chemistry.