Oral exams

Based on the written examination of 10.01.2024, the following candidates are admitted to the oral exam Mechanics 1:

Wednesday, 17.01.2024 (PDF), opens a file in a new window

Information on exam registration for Mechanics 1 VO

All students who only have to repeat the oral part of the Mechanics 1 VO exam must also register via TISS. Please also send an e-mail with your name, matriculation number and the note "oral only" to the secretary's office.

The deadlines stated in TISS for registration and cancellation also apply to repeating the oral exam.

Please, remember to deregister in time if you do not wish to take the exam. This will allow a student from the waiting list to take your place. An unexcused absence from the examination may also result in being excluded from registering for this examination for a period of eight weeks.

The allocation for the oral exam takes place after the written examination. Please refer to the current notice in this regard!

Announcement of examination results

For data protection reasons, it is not possible to publish the results of tests on our homepage.

The examination results are therefore only announced as a notification in TISS.