Waste management and resource management, view over Vienna from Cobenzl, material flow diagram at the Spittelau waste incineration plant

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13th Science Congress (WiKo) of the DGAW at the TU Wien

The 13th DGAW Science Congress (WiKo) took place at TU Wien on February 15 and 16, 2024. A total of 76 topics were presented in 23 lectures and 53 posters from more than 90 submissions from 28 universities in German-speaking countries that deal with the topic of circular economy and resource management. A total of around 180 experts took part in the WiKo.

Click here for the DGAW press release on the WiKo: https://www.dgaw.de/de/veranstaltung/wissenschaftskongress, opens an external URL in a new window

WIKO welcome by Prof. Rechberger.

© FAR, TU Wien

Prof. Rechberger welcomes the WiKo participants in the Kuppelsaal.

Technical support WIKO.

© FAR, TU Wien

Peter Hirner takes care of the technology.

Poster session at WIKO.

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More than 50 posters were on display.

Coffee break at WIKO.

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Exchange during the coffee breaks.

Group of visitors to the WIKO evening reception.

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Warming up for the evening reception.

Participants at the WIKO evening reception in the Prechtlsaal.

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Evening reception in the Prechtlsaal.

Short lecture by Prof. Rechberger at the WIKO evening reception.

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Prof. Rechberger begins with Prechtl and Emperor Franz I and ends up in Berlin via the Strauss brothers and the Kaiserwalzer.

Musical performance at the WIKO evening reception.

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Kaiserwalzer with a small orchestra.

Moderation at WIKO.

© FAR, TU Wien

Prof. Quicker moderates a lecture.

Discussion during WIKO.

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Dr. Gosten, Chairman of the DGAW, in the discussion.

Q&A session at WIKO.

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A little fun is essential.

Cooperation agreement at WIKO.

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Prof. Christoph Scharff and Dr. Alexander Gosten seal the merger of CEC4Europe with DGAW.

The WIKO lecture award winners.

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The jury will announce the prizes for the best presentations.

Award winners WIKO.

© FAR, TU Wien

Award winners for the best posters and presentations.

Thanks to Team FAR.

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Prof. Rechberger thanks (the rest) of his fabulous team.

Acknowledgments WIKO.

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DGAW thanks TU Wien.

Group picture WIKO.

© FAR, TU Wien

Group photo of the approx. 180 participants.