Economically oriented further development of selected areas of construction through:

  • Optimization of work preparation and construction site logistics planning
  • Improvement of the construction process management and construction site management
  • Performance and cost determination of construction equipment and construction processes
  • Performance and cost forecasts in tunnel construction and civil engineering
  • Efficiency of quality, safety and environmental protection
  • Management and participation in the development of implementation-specific regulations

Research focus

The research area of construction management and construction process engineering would like to focus on the following three areas in the future:

  • Construction Optimization
    • construction data management
    • Construction performance indicators
    • Ecological construction site operation
  • Machine learning in construction
  • Digitization in tunnel construction

Scientific service provider for the construction industry by advising builders, planners and construction companies on current and complex issues of construction and construction process engineering.

Future topics 2025

Future research areas: