Betriebsversammlung 23.11.2022 - 11:00 Uhr

On 23.11.2022 at 11:00 there will be a works group meeting for the scientific and artistic university staff of the TU Vienna.

What do we want to achieve with this “Betriebsgruppenversammlung”?

First of all, we want to support our representatives in the collective agreement/salary negotiations (Info "Kollektivvertrag" - german only:, opens an external URL in a new window) and show that we are ready for action if necessary.

Secondly, we want to keep you informed about the negotiations in order not to be presented with a fait accompli as with the last negotiations for the year 2022.

Therefore, parallel to the works group meeting, there will be a livestream (YouTube), through which our representatives and negotiators will inform us about the progress of the talks.

In the last weeks, we as a works council have tried to provide our negotiating team with arguments and data that support our concerns. However, it is also important to send a joint signal here at the TU Wien in order to strengthen the negotiating team.

We expect you at the works group meeting via Zoom and simultaneously at the YouTube stream of the negotiators.